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How did it all start?

Just like everything we are today at the Hub, our NGO came to life in a natural way. We have always been moved by the desire to help other people not to go through things we went through and what started as a simple "let me help you introduce yourself" evolved today into projects that impact the development and employability of hundreds of people.



Tamara and Paulo before being working partners were life partners.


Supporting and helping each other in the development of each other has always been a signature of this couple, until they understood that this dynamic was possible beyond the relationship and thus decided to support other people.

Tamara Braga

Tamara was born in Rio de Janeiro, training engineer, specialised in inclusive management and university professor.

Paulo Rezende

Paulo, aka PF, was born in Rio de Janeiro, graduated in Human Development, specialised in communication and is also a sexologist.

Our Projects


Our first NGO project was


The LuNi (Luci Nicolau) platform, which is


A platform designed for the employability of people in social vulnerability.

LuNi uses technology to support candidates both by breaking biases and using artificial intelligence to deliver training and career guidance to these people

NEDS is the institute of research, studies, support and education on the theme of sexual diversity and aims to introduce the theme into the reality of people who did not have access to the theme, thus ensuring an action that supports the quality of life of these people as well as the insertion of the debate in academic and business spheres

NEDS [CSSD] - Centre for Studies in Sexual Diversity

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