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Tamara Braga


Tamara Braga, a 29-year-old woman, chemical engineer and postgraduate in sustainability, inclusive leadership and digital accessibility, narrates her journey of self-discovery and overcoming in the midst of personal and professional challenges.

Despite being a chemical engineer, Tamara has always been a person of latent social bias and easily found herself in social engineering. Her second training was in sustainability where she specialised in the ESG part and pursued a career in business diversity. Today she is a professor at PUC, FAAP and ENAP on people management and diversity within the business strategy and CEO of DiverCidade Business Hub where she works in the supervision and implementation of projects.


Escritório Luxuoso

My Story

While balancing work and studies, Tamara always prioritised her personal and professional growth, seeking opportunities for learning and engagement with causes that were dear to her, such as diversity and inclusion.


Throughout her career, Tamara has accumulated experience and expertise in diversity and inclusion programs, becoming an inspiring and visionary leader.

Born in Honório Gurgel in a birracial family, she was raised by her mother, an independent and determined woman, and thus learned from an early age the value of education and persistence. Despite the financial difficulties, Tamara stood out academically and obtained opportunities that led her to enter a federal university to study chemical engineering. His determination and talent opened doors to internships and jobs in large companies, where he was able to develop significant projects, from cost reduction to improvements in quality and sustainability processes.

He implemented the project of Ambev's first 100% sustainable distribution centre and, there, also developed a black people development program in partnership with Educafro.


From then on, he headed towards his career in Diversity, Inclusion and ESG.


He became a Whirlpool trainee and developed the design of affordable household products for people with visual disabilities and also the program for hiring people with disabilities.


She was a diversity and inclusion leader at HEINEKEN and Gupy, where she developed her own diversity management method (which is being documented in her first book together with her husband Paulo Rezende). Won Endeavor's best inclusive practises award, was one of the 100 most influential voices in HR in 2023, one of Feedz's 100 TOP of mind people and also one of the 12 LGBTQIAPN+ people to be followed by the In Press Agency.


He led several transformative initiatives, such as increasing the representativeness of minority groups and the development of inclusive policies and practises. Moved by a deep desire to promote significant change, she founded DiverCidade HUB, an initiative aimed at eliminating barriers and creating opportunities for all people, reflecting her commitment to making diversity an everyday reality and not just a cause to be defended.

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