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Technology faces an ethical crisis about programmable prejudices, and we are part of those who build the solution to this problem

This crisis reaches recruitment platforms with undeniable damage when it reproduces an elitist thought that marks (and ranks) people as more or less close to this elitist pattern through analyses of gender, geography, universities, race, etc. The truth is that this "mister" is part of the profit of many companies, and so it is widely ignored.


This is not the case with LuNi.

Programmed prejudice

All technology needs at some point to be programmed in some model that guides it on how and where it collects and analyses data, and this has generated a world crisis that points to the presence of biases and prejudices in algorithms and artificial intelligences. This is manifested through the models that feed on an open analysis of content throughout the internet without receiving a filter configuration that educates for example what would be racist information, and in this way a black person can be harmed under the "thought" of the machine.

The Luni platform is designed to serve people without any commercial interest that can negatively influence people

Performance model

The platform, in addition to connecting people in vacancies, also supports career development through guidance, training and skills tests that can be consulted by contracting companies



Through technology, LuNi guarantees not only the match of vacancies but also streamlines the interaction through information and skills tests already available to companies and through personalised interview guidance for candidates.



Thinking about accessing people in social vulnerability, the platform has a direct line of communication with people through WhatsApp that guarantees access for people who are not familiar with platforms as well as facilitates the inclusion of people who use screen readers



LuNi's partnerships allow the national reach of vacancies making them easily scalable for corporate hiring programs, thus offering many more job opportunities for people



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