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Rafa Mores


I'm Rafa Mores, a non-binary LGBTRANS+ person (I use the pronoun: Elu), a strategist with +10 years of excellence in technology, innovation, leadership and impact.

Entrepreneurship of economic and social impact. Graduated TOP 1 high degree in Computer Engineering from Unicamp, received an award from the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC). He specialises in Diversity and Inclusion by USP.

He has strategic and multidisciplinary experiences in large organisations in the country such as Itaú Unibanco, Loggi and QuintoAndar.

Linkedin Top Voice Pride, 10 LGBTQIAPN+ profiles of influence in 2022. He was featured on the G1 portal on the International Day of LGBTQIAPN+ Pride and received the Xica Manicongo medal as one of Salvador's LGBTQIAPN+ personalities in 2023.

Rafa Mores
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