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Rô Vicente


Rô Vicentte

Non-Binary Trans. Actor, model, activist, producer, dancer, choreographer. circus artist, communicator and educator, formed by the Performing Arts Technician of the Macunaíma School Theatre, took several courses and workshops. Participated in the Satyrianas 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2018 and the Week of Performing Arts at UNESP 2015. He gave dance and body expression classes in free workshops and cultural spaces such as Fábricas de Cultura.

He is a speaker on diversity and inclusion, body and dance artist-educator and freelance columnist at Periphery in Motion and Ninja Media.

He has worked in the production of parties and events, such as Cordão da Mentira and also as a producer for Cia. People from the Western West and the Pandora Theatre Group. He was an actor of the Pandora Theatre Group in the COMMON show, also doing the body preparation of the cast.

Currently, she is the founder and member of the Queer Artistic Collective, dancer in Artesanias da Existência, content creator for Instagram @BixaNaRua and LinkedIn, social media for the NGO Attraction and Communication specialist at the NGO TODXS.

Rô Vicente
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