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Engage aims to show where biases lie in your organization's development processes. Connected to our LuNi platform, it is possible to demonstrate through facts and data where the improvement needs are and monitor the development of each talent.

Engage offers a strategic approach to discovering and retaining diverse talent within your company. Similar to the platform, the tool provides features such as promotion packets, integrated with Luci, allowing you to document results and create personalized development plans for one-on-one interactions.

With the Succession Plan, Engage helps monitor the development of each diverse talent, offering insights into how leaders are involved and developing these professionals. This functionality not only provides a detailed view of individual progress, but also guides specific actions to maintain high levels of engagement.

Furthermore, the tool directly addresses turnover management, providing associated risk reports. This allows the company to identify areas of concern and implement proactive strategies to retain its diverse talent. Engage goes further by offering a risk of bias report, promoting a culture of equity and inclusion by highlighting potential biases that can impact organizational decisions.

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