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Kapeí focusses on bringing information from talents versus their goals and objectives to each performance evaluation. In this way, we guarantee to deliver as a result what is the ROI of diversity and inclusion within your organisation.

Kapeí offers an executable and viable plan for all Human Resources actions, providing effective and results-oriented management. The tool allows your team to define clear goals and monitor execution in an organized and efficient way.

With features such as KPI Management, Kapeí offers a comprehensive view of essential metrics to evaluate the performance and impact of HR actions. This provides a solid foundation for making informed decisions and optimizing strategies as needed.

Strategic Project Management is another highlighted feature of Kapeí, allowing your team to manage projects in an integrated way, aligning them directly with the company's objectives. This strategic approach helps ensure the efficient execution of HR initiatives, contributing to the overall success of the organization.

Furthermore, Kapeí includes a D&I Manifesto, reinforcing the company's commitment to diversity and inclusion. By aligning the objectives of the executable plan with these principles, the tool not only promotes operational effectiveness, but also contributes to building a more diverse and inclusive organizational culture.

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