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The biggest enemy of diversity is HR

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

I'm going to prove you as an example now about what I'm talking about and show you how we at DiverCidade were born to change this reality. Recruitment and Selection: The area we heard about being the most important, the one that chooses the people who will make a difference in the company... The area that removes candidates because they are women, the area that notes on "too black" paper, the area that refuses because it is another 30 years, the area that exchanges audios (which were leaked) about just hiring beautiful people. It doesn't end here, unfortunately. Recruitment is composed mostly of people who have just entered the company, without any preparation with people management, without behavioral analysis skills, without body reading, without knowing how to extract information. The proof of that? The candidate needs to impress the recruiters. And it makes sense, because the recruiters don't know how to read a candidate.

Training and Development: One of those that I particularly think is less worse, but still full of mistakes. The T&D area is the area responsible for seeking in the company the link between the goals and the gaps between reality and the goal. It is the area that should be the performance fuel of employees, to enable them to overcome challenges that already exist and that may exist and thus keep the company running, profiting and developing people. Beautiful, right? But cut it to an animated training with characters that should not have been used since 2004. Teaching methodology? It doesn't exist. Multidisciplinary approach? It doesn't exist. Reports that indicate powers and weaknesses? They don't exist. An area that has been reduced to checking mandatory trainings, sending live training invites and fighting to the death to convince people to do the number of trainings that is in the goal.

Culture: Ah the area of culture... So reputable among those who don't understand organizational culture... But unfortunately it's another colorful tale in the gray world of companies. The area responsible for creating a culture in the company and managing it is an area that needs to have a vision beyond nuclear HR, but a vision of business, of the market, a vision of how to drive people from different areas in a set of beliefs and behaviors that keep them in a healthy and productive movement. Unfortunately, we summarized the area of catchphrases, stickers with the values on the wall and with collaborators in the hallway, largely frustrated, criticizing the lack of cohesion between the colored stickers and their realities in everyday work.

BP: Finally, the area of BPs, the intermediate area between people and areas, the area that has the most abstract and variable job definitions. BPs can be the ones who earn the least and can be who are shareholder partners of the companies. Described as the consultants who need to ensure the execution of the business plan, the BP area tends to be the most anti-conflict area of all, but not in a good way. He was naturalized in HR in general, but primarily in the area of BP pretending that everything is fine and always acting with a positive smile on his face. Forced positivity does not generate results, does not correct route strategically, does not open room for improvement and serves nothing but protect positions before someone realizes the lack of functioning.

Let's go now to diversity! Think of all this fragile structure that I pointed out to you and think about the insertion of the theme of diversity and inclusion, either as a new area or as a transversal action. The first thing we can think about is chaos.

IED professionals are a separate subject that I will also criticize, but that is for another text. At the moment we will stick to the initial theme.

When we enter with diversity and question the recruitment "where are the black people?", we are inevitably already exposing a flaw in the team. When we question T&D about accessibility, too. When we question the area of culture about conduct, training for the implementation of the proposed culture, too.

The diversity area enters HR and automatically exposes such a mess. The inevitable movement that is taken is the HR area trying to transform the D&I area into an area of minimum operation just like the rest, because this way we avoid frustrations.

That's why we at DiverCidade are more than a company, we are a movement.

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